removal of asbestos from ceilings

Blue A Ltd is an British expert in removal, disposal as well as surveying and testing for presence of asbestos in residential and non-residential properties, and among numerous services offered by this company (such as getting rid of asbestos from asbestos insulation board and lagging insulation, garages, barns, corrugated sheets, floor tiles or sink pads etc.) one can find also removal of asbestos from ceilings, shingles as well as roofs. Since asbestos is not easily accessible, nor visible, and unskilled attempt of examining or getting rid of it may lead to disturbance of asbestos, it is strongly advised to have a given place inspected by a certified and trained staff. Blue A Ltd ascertains that all their procedures are performed in compliance with safety measures, and in efficacious manner.

Risks connected with asbestos

Asbestos presence in all these construction elements resulted from the fact that asbestos was extremely resistant to heat, electricity and fire. It was also heavy-duty, economical, and served perfectly as insulator. Asbestos was, thus, used in multiple edifice elements, yet, as time goes by, the material deteriorates, crumbles and releases its fibres into the air, and may be inhaled and consequently embed in lungs causing serious health problems like asbestosis, mesothelioma, asthma, lung cancer, though it may not display any symptoms for years. Buildings erected between 1920s and 1980s are now being refurbished or demolished, which may lead to ruining the structure of asbestos containing materials and disturbing asbestos in them. Amateurish removal or this material may be highly dangerous and may effect in contamination of the air of your dwelling and surroundings.

Why should I hire an asbestos removal contactor?

Having all the risks in mind, it is strongly recommended to contact a specialised consultant such as Blue A Ltd. This company is prominent for their wide-ranging services and obtaining all necessary certifications from distinguished institutions like HSE or ARCA which accredit asbestos removal companies in UK in terms of performing high quality asbestos-related services in compliance with safety regulations leading to minimising any potential risks. Entrusting the task of removing asbestos from shingles, roof and ceiling from your dwelling to Blue A Ltd is the best decision since the company provides their clients with directions, management plan, analysis, thorough removal as well as collection and disposal at licensed landfill for toxic waste, so they do not have to worry about asbestos in the future.

Our asbestos services

  • Removal
  • Testing
  • Sampling
  • Air testing
  • Waste disposal
  • Surveying

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