Jewish history of Poland

Written traces of Polish history would not have been known if it hadn’t been for the first Jewish traders, who came to the land of Polans from Arabian at that time Spain in 10th century. However, the first noticeable inflow of Jewish settlers took place at the end of 11th century from German territory. From that time the Jews were serving a very important role in Polish country dealing with money and minting coins for Polish rulers. They lived and prospered in the country for a long time and developed their rich culture and traditions. Jewish descendants, who want to learn more about that part of Polish-Jewish history are welcome to visit Poland and discover the traces of their ancestors. To make the tour to Poland fruitful and gain as much knowledge of the subject as possible, it is advisable to make use of the offer of “Greetings from Poland” the most recommendable travel agency in Poland that arranges all kinds of group and individual trips.

What can be seen during trips to Poland?

Not only has the recommended Polish travel agency been arranging Jewish heritage tours during which tourists acquire some knowledge about their forefathers’ life in Poland but also has been organizing other thematic trips connected with Polish culture for quite a long time. They have gathered a great circle of friends satisfied with their services, who leave their recommendations on the agency’s web pages.

There are many places to see during such tours of Poland depending on the reason the group of tourists came to our country. If it is a pilgrimage to Poland with a strong will to focus on Jewish history and tradition, the agency takes the pilgrims to places that have a lot of Jewish traces such as Lublin with its Old Town, Leżajsk, where an old Jewish cemetery can be visited, and Łańcut famous not only for great Potocki’s gardens but also the Synagogue. Going to Warsaw, the capital city which was inhabited by many Jews before WWII, the group will have a stopover in the most beautifully located town of Kazimierz Dolny with many places Jews lived. The next day is paid to Jewish Warsaw with its Ghetto, Old Cemetery, Nożyk Synagogue and many other places.

The Polish tours would not be entire without a visit to Kraków with a guided tour of Kazimierz, the Jewish neighborhood full of old times heirlooms. A very important part of the trip is also a visit to Aushwitz, which is a real must for every person, not only the people with Jewish roots. The seven-day tour is very tense, as the agency wants to show tourists the most worth experiencing.

Why should this Polish tours agency be chosen?

First of all they are experienced and cater for all the needs of tourists from the everyday ones to the most sophisticated. Those tourists who are, for example, too emotional to take part in group travel, the Polish tours agency organizes individual guided tours of Poland during which they may change the route and do things they have just decided on. They are very flexible, and employ experienced guides who will drive the person they are in charge of to any place they wish. Secondly, it is a licensed and insured agency, that is in cooperation with the best quality hotels and restaurants, so everyone will stay in the most comfortable conditions and have the chance of sampling the tastiest Polish dishes. Moreover, they understand the needs of tourists and work with real passion.

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